Coast 4

by Rachel Gallagher

  • artist: Rachel Gallagher
  • title: Coast 4
  • Year: 2010
  • medium: The rugged coastline of West Cork has always held the secret of its beauty a closely guarded secret and Artists try to show it in their way the awesome beauty and sheer majesty that is this place. Inlets and Coves differ with rock formations and plant life, colours that use the spectrum in its make up and the sea its master defining its very being, waves crushing against rock and gently lapping on shale shores and weather that can often see four seasons in one day. Rachel has used her experience of living in our wonderful home and the weather and formations of our coastline have had an effect on her. Colour demonstrates the beauty and the stroke work defines the formations of our inlets and the result is a series of Paintings from Mixed Media to oil that capture in her way what surrounds her every day. The work is vibrant, sympathetic and yet subtle. God creates our world the artist portrays its from their view point and the viewer gets to sample their results. Rachel has done the Coast proud and the work is a testament to Talent, Vision and Imagination but most of all feeling. This is a great body of work. FOM
  • size: 41cmcm x 31cmcm
  • price: SOLD