GS3081 16 x 20 High Res

by John Thompson

  • artist: John Thompson
  • title: GS3081 16 x 20 High Res
  • Year: 2009
  • medium: John’s output is highly eclectic, deriving ideas from many different subjects. But his central theme is that of groups; groups of working men who seem to be, well, waiting. Waiting for a job? Waiting for a handout? Or perhaps just waiting for a change in fortunes for the northern working man. The power in John’s work lies in allowing the observer to add to the experience themselves: to find their own meaning in the images he creates. He has now painted several thousand of these ‘Group Series” paintings. Although the poverty immanent in these images has contributed to the ‘northern painter’ label, they speak for all working men, at all times. The work has a striking similarity to many small and large towns in Ireland where Cloth capped men also had the same struggles as their counterparts in England. The simplicity of the work dramatises their plight sympathetically and like The great L.S. Lowry his loyalty to his subject is paramount and brings to life their moods, highs and lows. “Across the Irish Sea” is named well as it will be John’s 1st Visit to Ireland, he will return but many of his paintings will find a home here.

  • size: 16cm x 20cm
  • price: SOLD