by Joby Hickey

  • artist: Joby Hickey
  • title: Helicopter
  • Year: 2007
  • medium: In life you meet people who leave an impression on you, and Joby is one of those people. He is charismatic, modest and an outstanding painter. His work captures the imagination and by using simple everyday experiences creates the flow of traffic, a chair, a coffee pot or a building to dramatic effect. Each piece is thoughtful and this maestro cloaks his pictures with mystery always leaving something for the viewer to decide for themselves. His love of film, Travelling and Dublin enrich each work and his ability to create comes from deep inside himself, thrusting forth his passion onto canvas and board. He is likened to Hopper, but take it from me there is only one Joby Hickey and he will be seen as one of the more important artists of his generation
  • size: 24cm x 24cm
  • price: SOLD