image no 1

by Sue Rainsford

  • artist: Sue Rainsford
  • title: image no 1
  • Year: 2008
  • medium: pencil sketch
    Sue Rainsford is from Dublin, and is studying History of Art at Trinity, she has worked with me at The Warren Gallery for the last couple of years, on our shows in Dublin and by chance I saw her work and decided to offer the opportunity to showcase her work at The Gallery Restaurant in The Gresham.
    The title of the show is Sue’s Sketchbook but it also includes some of her canvases, and for a girl doing her first commercial show the work is of a very high standard and the collection is both visually and academically pleasing.
    The subjects are sensual and dark and it shows moods play a very important part in an artist’s make up.

    Emerging artists should be encouraged and supported and Sue will have a very bright future as she has imagination and talent. This show would not have been possible without the help of Ken Browne an exceptional painter, but more importantly an advocate and tutor.
  • size: 30cmcm x 20cmcm
  • price: SOLD