Munich Mirrors Series of 5 Prints No 1 Portfolio

by Sean Scully

  • artist: Sean Scully
  • title: Munich Mirrors Series of 5 Prints No 1 Portfolio
  • Year: 2004
  • medium: Scully's paintings are often made of panels and are abstract. He paints in oils, sometimes laying the paint on thickly to create textured surfaces. He is one of the most widely acclaimed and exhibited painters in the world. After a brief period of hard-edge painting Scully abandoned masking tape, retaining his characteristic motif of the stripe. It had been more than 25 years since he developed and refined his recognizable style of heroic geometric abstraction. His paintings typically involve tough architectural constructions abutting walls and panels of densely and lushly painted stripes. Though he often works on a monumental scale, even on a more modest scale his paintings and works on paper exude a romantic gravity of an unmistakably urban tenor. In recent years his has augmented his trademark stripes, deploying compositional patterning reminiscent of a checkerboard.

    A retrospective of the work of Sean Scully (Dublin, 1945), who combines features of different pictorial styles Geometrical Abstraction, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Abstract Expressionism to create his own language. In displaying his paintings, drawings and photographs together, one is able to see the consistency that gives meaning to his art.

    Sean Scully moved with his family to England in 1949. He studied at London's Croydon College of Art (now Croydon College) and later at Newcastle University, and at Harvard University in the U.S. He settled in New York City in 1975 becoming an American citizen in 1983.

    Scully was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1989 and 1993. He has exhibited widely in Europe and the United States, and is represented in the permanent collections of a number of museums and public galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the National Gallery of Australia, the Tate Gallery, London, the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, and many other private and public collections worldwide. In 2006 Scully donated eight of his paintings to the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, which opened an extension in May 2006 with a room dedicated to Scully's works. He was prof at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.
  • price: €19995