Trees B

by Mike Fitzharris

  • artist: Mike Fitzharris
  • title: Trees B
  • Year: 2007
  • medium: What can I say about Mike Fitzharris, he is an exceptional Painter oozing talent and creating thoughtful and breathtaking abstract pictures. A true visionary he is true to his own beliefs about art and he follows in the footsteps of Tony O Malley and like O Malley he creates using his surroundings and thank god he has a love for Morocco and Spain and brings these amazing sun soaked hotspots to his work. He has also been a true friend to me and has supported me so often with my Gallery and I can never repay him for the kindnesses he has shown to me.
    The R.H.A. should make this man a member immediately as he deserves every accolade going. I am privileged to have his work here at The Warren and allow the opportunity of the west cork art viewing public of seeing this true geniusís work
  • size: 16cm x 20cm
  • price: SOLD