Chara Nagle

Chára Nagle started painting at a young age and decided very early on that art was her life and passion. She was fascinated by observing people and portraying their everyday activities in her art. In 1990 the artist studied life drawing at the Crawford College of Art, Cork and in 1992 Chára continued her studies at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, graduating in 1996 with a joint degree in Fine Art Sculpture and History of Art. After Chára completed her studies she decided to work in the commercial side of art and established a design company working with multi-national companies such as Marks & Spencer, MINI and Jameson to promote their brands. Fine tuning without realising her practice of making dramatic art. 10 years later the artist vigorously picked up her paint brush, resulting in a sell-out solo exhibition in Dublin. Chára is the current artist in resisdence for 2012 season at the Curragh Race Course, Ireland.

The artist mentions Caravaggio (c.1571 - c.1610) as one of the most influential artists on her style. She marvelled at the passion, suspense and drama in his art and was inspired by his painterly technique.

Chára’s paintings are big, bold, dramatic observations of everyday life. Her paintings capture the moment but do not give it all away. This is for the viewer to figure out, decide, question, wonder. This trait combined with a life like style, mixed with a vibrant use of colour and a conviction to paint textures so convincingly seem to almost cast a mystical spell of wonder and question on the viewer. Enjoy.