Colin Park


Born 1948 Scotland. Self employed painter and decorator for 27 years. He attended Glasgow School of Art 1996 to 2000. His degree show was a sell out. Since 2000 Colin has been a professional Painter/Draughtsman/Sculptor. His work is unique in style. He uses energy and adrenalin to produce his oil paintings with a pallet knife in a single sitting. He approaches the canvas with a mind free of plan and distraction and allows the painting to develop as he moves the paint over the canvas. Colin is an exceptional artist and man. His work is special. He is represented in galleries in Scotland, England, Ireland and France. Colin’s work is being bought by serious collectors in the UK and mainland Europe.

Technique and Inspiration

‘For a painting to read intelligently, it needs an endless sub-divided number of disciplines, from the psychological communion between the painter and the viewer, to a technically assured style and a hard-headed determination, tempered with sensitive integrity.

‘The ethos of my aesthetics is direct accessibility. Art like all fundamentals should retain its unique value through being accessed from within.

‘My influences are Malevich, Rothko and Bacon.’

Journal Reviews

Bill Bryson – Best selling travel guide author
Quote from: “Notes from a Small Island”
'At one point, I saw a picture I particularly liked - a painting of Solway Firth by a fellow named Colin Park.....I was prepared to buy it then and there even if I had to carry it all the way to John O'Groats under my arm,'

NY Arts – New York international arts review journal
August 2006: review of Glasgow Arts Fair
Bleu Gallery (Aude, France) offered an impressive array of figurative works from Scotland’s Colin Park whose human heads take many interesting formal and material detours, from the totemic cherry wood sculptures to the thick oils of his schematised portraits. Viewed together even in the cramped confines of a stall they presented a fascinating unity of theme and treatment.