Kevin Sharkey

KEVIN SHARKEY - A Brief History...

Dublin born (1962), adopted and Donegal-reared,
borstal-educated in Galway before leaving to live in
Dublin and then London. Now based in both Ireland andSpain, the completely self-taught and highly-acclaimed artist, Kevin Sharkey, is a genuine phenomenon.

Described by Hot Press magazine as, ‘Ireland’s first
art superstar’ the artist’s vividly colourful and
boldly expressive paintings and sculptures are
sought-after by collectors the world over...

As a child, Sharkey’s prefered medium of expressionwas Irish dancing, for which he won over thirty medals...

A full-time artist for the last 14 years, Sharkey was
also formerly: a fisherman, a child chef, a songwriter(for artists including Boney M and Bob Geldof and his own band An Fear Dubh), as well as a nude model(briefly) who was once photographed by legendary photographer David Bailey...

Sharkey made history as Ireland’s first ever non-White television presenter as the face of MegaMix, thecountry’s most popular ever music show, on RTE,alongside Flo McSweeny...

Father Ted’ director, Declan Lowney invited him to
appear in the classic series, as Father Shaft for
which he had to be ‘blacked up’.

Twink said that Sharkey was, ‘The funniest man I have ever met’.

Sharkey was the subject, in 2005, of a major RTE
documentary celebrating his work and his phenomenal rise to prominence as one of ‘Ireland’s most exciting and collectable artists’, shot on location at his homes in Ibiza and Dublin...

The Sunday Times recently described Sharkey as the‘Bankable artist’ and the hugely influential Irish
Arts Review said ‘Bank on this artist’... Sharkey’s
work has increased in value by 400% in the last three years (eg. Sharkey paintings selling circa €200 in 2002 are now changing hands for €1000). A 30cm x 30cm Sharkey painting sold last month in a charity gala auction for nearly €4000...

The artist had a sellout show of his ‘Dreamscapes’
when he exhibited in Summer 2005 with Irish art
‘giants’, the late great Tony O’ Malley, establishmentstalwart Louie Le Brocquy and the much admired WilliamCrozier at Dublin’s Gresham Hotel.

The prolific artist is the only painter in Ireland to
have two galleries stocking his work exclusively...
The Kevin Sharkey Gallery in Newport, Co. Mayo and TheSharkey Gallery in Dublin’s Francis Street (openingApril 2006) and the list of public and privatecollectors of his paintings reads like a ‘Who’s Who’of the rich, famous and influential.

The maverick painter was sensationally censored by UNICEF for his me morable depiction of Pierce Brosnanin the painted sculpture ‘Pierce Brosnan’s Arse’.UNICEF thought the piece was 'stunning but too controversial to exhibit'.

Created the legendary ‘Moolah’ (a life-sized cow
covered in real euro notes) for Baileys Cow Parade
Ireland, which raised thousands of euro for The Jackand Jill Children’s Foundation and the Dublin SimonCommunity charities. ‘‘Moolah’ soon found her home asThe Bank of Ireland’s mascot...

Currently taking the Irish government to the EureopeanCourt of Human Rights in a bid to legislate forsame-sex Civil Partnerships (thus allowing same-sexcouples to have the same rights as opposite-sexcouples) and bringing Ireland into line with otherEuropean countries including the UK and Spain. Sharkeywishes to ‘marry’ his partner of 11 years, formerPolice Constabulary Sergeant, Ade Antigha, who is theartist’s Business Manager.