Yvonne Moore

Born Dublin, Ireland

In 1988 Yvonne Moore was awarded a scholarship to train at the Boston University’s School of Fine Arts. Initially her training followed a classical approach with extensive life drawing and still life studies in various mediums but ultimately she was encouraged to develop and explore her individual style through painting, her preferred medium.

After returning to Ireland, Yvonne completed a degree course in Environmental Design at the College of Marketing and Design, Mountjoy Square, Dublin .The course emphasis was on all aspects relating to interior design including technical drawing, ergonomics, texture, light, space and colour. She worked full time as an Interior Designer for 5 years, while also attending various courses in the Dun Laoghaire School of Art & Design, most recently an Intensive Creative Art workshop.

In the summer of 2002 Yvonne made the decision to pursue a full time career as an artist. She exhibited at the Peoples Art Exhibition, Stephens Green, (affectionately known as the railings) in September 2002 where she first met John deVere White, of deVeres Art Auctions

Since this first meeting Yvonne has regularly sold paintings in de Veres Auctions and most recently has had both a solo exhibition and a group show in the Gallery at de Veres

By April 2003 Yvonne had painted her first two works for Mullan gallery. In June ten paintings were produced for the Spring Exhibition (Room 1). Her talent was acknowledged by an almost immediate sell out. This small body of work demonstrated her ability to use a colour palette which is influenced by light. Loose and textured application of paint & finely tuned composition give the work a fresh and painterly finish. Being accepted to exhibit in the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition 2004 and the Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition 2004 was an important achievement so early in her career.

Curriculum Vitae
Born Dublin 1969

1988 – 1991 Boston University, School of Fine Art.
1991 – 1994 College of Marketing & Design, Dublin,
Environmental design

Group Exhibitions
April 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007 Mullan gallery, Belfast
June 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007 Mullan gallery, Belfast (room 1)
August 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007 ,2008 Mullan gallery, Belfast
December 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008 Mullan gallery, Belfast, Christmas Exhibition
December 2003 Molesworth Gallery, Dublin Christmas Exhibition
April 2004 Royal Hibernian Academy Annual exhibition (RHA)
2004 Royal Ulster Academy Exhiibition
December 2007 The Gallery at de Veres
August 2008 Warren Gallery , Co Cork Anniversary Show
September 2008 Dublin Art Fair / Warren Gallery
November 2008 Art Ireland RDS / Warren Gallery

Solo Exhibitions
May 2004 Mullan gallery
Dec 2006 The Gallery At de Veres
June 2007 Mullan Gallery

Northern Ireland Government Art Collection

Curriculum Vitae
Born Dublin 1969

An Introduction by John De Vere White.
One of the greatest pleasures of being involved in the art world is making a discovery. A discovery can either be an undiscovered painting or more interestingly an undiscovered painter. Yvonne falls into the latter category. Strolling to my office one Saturday morning I came across a small group of paintings hanging on the railings of St. Stephen’s Green that literally shone out amid the surrounding mediocrity. I made an immediate purchase and thus began a most rewarding relationship. I have watched Yvonne progress with extraordinary speed over the last two years. We have had numerous discussions about her work and hopefully I have been able to offer some few words of advice. Yvonne has a great gift which every artist needs; namely a firm belief in her own talent yet a keen awareness that she is on a learning curve. To date, Yvonne has worked sensibly on a conservative scale. Her paintings are beautifully made with paint built up thickly using the palette knife . Her subject matter, kitchen interiors, stacked surfaces etc are given a magical quality with subtle colour tones. They are never over worked and she has the rare ability, for a painter so young, to know when a work is “finished”. Simple as this sounds the overworking of paintings is a trap into which the young and often not-so-young fall. This exhibition is the beginning of an exciting career. The market has already responded with enthusiasm to Yvonne’s work. Her dedication to her craft, her willingness to learn and her charm are all pointers to a highly successful future.